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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Springtime Pleasures

Springtime is not usually my favorite time of the year. Allergies are in full bloom, it is "Spring Forward" with the clocks which equates to losing an hour of sleep and I am not a big fan of bunnies. As a mom of boys all my pastel colored decorations have dirty little fingerprints on them and in our family it is Birthday Season so we are usually on cake OVERLOAD by Easter...ahh these are the joys of spring I really don't enjoy.

There is one thing I have always LOVED about Spring or Easter rather, coloring eggs! I love the whole process of boiling the eggs, laying out the newspaper, preparing the dyes and dipping the eggs! I love selecting which color to dye each egg and how much fun it is to do the two toned eggs! Coloring eggs always means that there will be an egg hunt and deviled eggs to eat!

Last year my Gramma and Uncle shared the egg coloring experience with my boys! It was a lot of fun and a tradition they will remember and love just as much as I still do!

Have a Happy Easter!!

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