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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


going, going....get 'em before they are gone!!! Only 14 spots left to crop! We are still accepting consignors too! This is going to be our BIGGEST CONSIGNMENT EVENT EVER!!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Consignor Tip #5

O.K. consignor's... it time to get packing!

All items (with the exception of large items) must be packaged in clear bags.  You can use any size clear bags, including sandwich size bags for smaller items. 

If you plan on selling a single item, and your item is in it's original packaging, for example; a pack of Thickers or stickers, you do not need to put them inside another bag.  Use the original packaging as long as it is not torn. 

When putting your items in the bag, it is a good idea to have contents visible from both side, so the buyer has a good feel for what it is they are purchasing.  This also means that small items should be placed in front and not hidden between two sheets of 12x12 paper.  

It's important that labels are taped to the inside of the package to keep them in one place.  Why you ask?... this is because we are looking for the label when checking customers out, and if you have discounted your item, and the label moves, it's likely that we will not see the discounted price marked on top of the original price.  For larger items, please be sure to securely tape your label to your item. 

Lastly, all packages need to be sealed shut to prevent damage and theft.  Yes... even if you are using flap sealed bags or bags with a Zip Loc seal, you will still need to seal the packaging!  Clear packing tape works great.  For larger items that may be in boxes, please be sure to seal them shut to prevent pieces from falling out or pieces getting separated.

Check out pictures on our web page to show how to package your product.
Happy Packaging!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Consignor Tip #4

Keep those groups laid out and grab a bunch of index cards and a sharpie... it's time to label and price.  You can use scrap pieces of paper, or cut 8 1/2" x 11" into smaller index card sizes... or I went to the Dollar Store and bought a 100 pcs. pack of 3x5 index cards for ... well you guessed it $1.00.

The labels must include the following information:
1.  Consignor #
2.  Price (in increments of 50 cents)
3.  Description (optional)

Although the description is optional, the buyer appreciates knowing the contents.  The description doesn't need to be long, but it should include information if the item is partially used or if there are known missing pieces to kits.  If anyone is selling Cricut cartridges, we do ask that you disclose if the cartridge has been downloaded on a Gypsy.

We get a lot of questions about how to price items.  The best advice we can give is... price it for what you would be willing to buy it for... not what you wish you could sell it for.  For example, you saw a jar of flowers and you had that moment... the 'OMG... I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!' moment.  If the cost was $4.99... and you made 3 beautiful layouts, and you only used half of them, you might reason and want to sell the remaining flowers for $2.50.  But, is someone willing to pay $2.50 for them... would you?  Items that are priced to sell, tend to sell.  We have given the bench mark that, 10 - 20 sheets of single sided pattern paper sell for around $1.00.  But, if you have very current product, and we all know that one sheet of quality, name brands, double sided paper, now goes for $0.89 or more.. you should definitely make the appropriate price adjustments and price accordingly.   

We've identified two different pricing strategies.  The first one we will call it the 'I have to have it' price strategy.  It's much easier for shoppers to have the 'OMG... I HAVE TO HAVE IT' moment, when the product is reasonably priced.  You may choose this strategy and keep your prices lower in order to sell more items all together.  Keep this in mind when you are making your groups too... so if you have 50 sheets of single sided pattern paper, you may consider making 5 groups at $1.00 each or 2 groups for $2.50 each.

The second pricing strategy we will call it the 'starting price' price strategy.  This is when maybe your not quite sure what price you want to mark your item, so you choose a starting price, knowing that you will have the opportunity to reduce the price if it has not sold.  At around 5:30p, when there is about 1.5 hours left in the sale, we will make an announcement letting the consignors know that if they would like to reduce prices on items that have not yet sold, they may do so at that time.  

Lastly we will be having the 'fire bin' sale at the very end of the sale.  This is when we will ask the consignors to determine a final price for all the contents in their bin, as is.  

Please note that lowering pricing on your items, and participating in the 'fire bin' sale are optional.  For any consignors who are not staying for the crop, we will have volunteers to help reduce prices on items not yet sold for you at a rate of 50%, and determine a fire bin sale price by taking an additional 50% off.  For example let's say you had $20.00 worth of product still left in your bin.  The volunteers would reduce each item by 50% and your bin would now have $10.00 worth of product in it.  Let's say $2.00 worth of product sold and your bin now contains $8.00.  The volunteers would determine your 'fire bin' price to be $4.00.

You will be amazed at how quickly $1.00 + $2.00 + $3.00 will add up! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at
You can also find more information by reading the FAQ

Friday, April 5, 2013

Consignor Tip #3

Deciding how to group your product is much easier than deciding what to sell... so congratulate yourself on getting to this point in the process!!

There are a several different ways to group your product.  Consider the following:
1. By Theme: Baby Girl, Holiday, Birthday, etc.
2. By Type: Cardstock, Pattern Paper, Ribbon, Embellishments, Thickers, Stickers, etc.
3. By Condition: New Product, Used Product, Scraps of paper
4. By Color: All shades of one color grouped together- this works well for cardstock and pattern paper.
5. By Kits: All remaining product and embellishments from a kit or paper line.
6. By individual item
Alpha and Thickers Bundle

Find a good amount of space, like your kitchen table or counters, and begin sorting through your stash and grouping them in piles.  You may decided to group them in a combination of ways... like your cardstock and pattern paper by color an your embellishments by type.  You may even decide to make up your own themed kits by putting together a few pieces of cardstock, pattern paper, and adding a few embellishments that coordinate.  If you have a lot of one product, consider making smaller groups.  For example, if you have a lot of Halloween product, make up 2 or 3 kits.  Consignors have had success pricing individual items like a package of brads, Thickers, or  embellishments.  The idea is to present your product in a way that would appeal to the buyer. 

 Basic Grey Hopscotch Kit with embellishment

Lastly... as you sort and group your product DO NOT create a 'return to scrap-stash' pile!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Consignor Tip #2

Deciding what to sell may not be as easy as you think.  This is because we are reasoning with ourselves on why we should keep the item... saying we can never have too much of one thing (right?1... like cardstock!).. but the truth is, we can have too much! So, here are two tips to help decide what to keep or let go of.

#1:  If you were in the store right now would you buy it?... if no, then it goes in your designated box, bin, or drawer.

#2:  Decide on a reasonable time frame like 6 mos, 1 year, or even 2 years.  Then, as you go through your scrap-stash, keep only those items you purchased within that time frame.  Items purchased beyond the time frame should be added to your designated bin, box, or drawer (and keep it their!).  If you haven't used it by now, chances are you not going to use it... and you most likely already bought something more current to use in it's place.

Also consider smaller quantities of one product.  For example, if you bought a jar of flowers and there are 175 pieces in the jar.... ask your self are you really going to use all of them?  If not, keep only what you think you will use and sell the rest.  The same goes with brads, buttons, and ribbon.  If you bought a spool of ribbon with 3 or 10 yards on it... keep for example 1 yard instead.

Be sure to go through your stash of 'used' product too.  If you are holding onto stickers, thickers, paper, and other product with hopes that you might use them again one day, you should consider selling these items.  Again, decide on a time frame.  If you haven't used the remaining items in the last 6 mos or 1 year, then add them to your designated bin. 

More tips to come on packaging, labeling, and pricing.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Consignor Tip #1

Our Consignor 'how-to' series is back!!
We are so excited for the upcoming scrapbook sale (Sat., April 27!).  Registrations are coming in daily!!  With the sale taking place in about 3 weeks, we are back sharing our series of tips for all consignors to help you get ready for the sale. 
Tip #1: Designate a box, bin, or drawer, and as you start to go through your scrap-stash keep all the items you are going to sell in one spot.  (And here is the hard part)...  Once it has made it's way to this designated box... it should remain in the box and not come back out to join your scrap-stash again!! 
 If you have a creative crew member who is interested in selling their scrap-stash, we are still accepting consignor registrations!! You can register online at

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Your Vote - (Alison Kreft)

Alison Kreft is a designer for Websters Pages and her latest release is now hitting store shelves.  Let us know what you think.  Do you love the color pallet and pattern combos?  Submit your vote on our FB page!

Alison Kreft

Monday, March 25, 2013

Challenge: One Photo

Scrapbooking is my passion. It is my art and my fun. It is always changing yet somehow to me seems to stay the same. I am a creature of habit and tend to repeat techniques or layout sketches. Recently I have discovered I LOVE scrapping one photo on a page. I find I am embellishing an emotion rather than an event. While I still love documenting the adventures of our lives I cherish those sweet photos that take my breath away!

Here is a photo of my sweet middle child taken last summer with his hair grown out and those show stopping blue eyes! (gushing mom moment) ;)

At your next Scrap Again Crop ( April 27th 2013) make a layout with one photo. Scrap either the event or emotion. Or send us an email with your completed challenge for a fun prize! Thanks and happy scrapping...again!

Your Vote! - (label sticker)

You can never have enough label stickers!! ... but that's true for most scrapbook products! (right?)  Label stickers are great as embellishments and adding another area for journaling.  Check out these label stickers and let us know if they would make it into your cart.  Hop on over to our FB pole to vote.

Label sticker by My Minds Eye

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is officially here!

Happy spring!!.. and for many of us this means spring cleaning!  While winter was fun for hibernating and hoarder... it's time for some healthy purging to put your creativity in bloom.  Remember to include your scrap room, craft closets and bags on your spring cleaning check list

The BEFORE photo:
 Here is a rack of scrapbook supplies I have that needs a little attention! (My craft closet and bag also need more of the same attention.)

You will be amazed at how much craft stuff we accumulate over time, and hold on to because the product is still in good condition, we still like it, have good intentions on using it, or just feel a bit overwhelmed to take on this task.

We encourage you to do some spring cleaning of your scrap-stash!  Trust us.. you will feel inspired to be crafty by completing this task, you will be organized and find what your looking for easier... and your back will thank you for making those scrap bags we lug around to the crops lighter!  

Here are a few tips to get started:

 1.  Would you buy it now?:  Ask yourself, if I walked into a craft store right now and saw this on the shelf 'would I buy it?'  If the answer is no, purge it! (and don't look back)

2.  Set a time frame:  If you you have been holding on to product for longer than 1 year (you decide the time frame) then consider purging it.  

3.  Leftovers:  If you are holding onto something thinking you will use the scraps or whatever is left over for another project, and you have yet to use it in 1 year or withing the time frame you set, purge it! (chances are you not going to use it)

4.  Too much:  If you have too much of any one thing, purge the excess.

5.  Quick decisions:  Try your best to make these decisions quickly.  The longer you take to make a decision, the harder this task may become.  Remember you are likely buying new product, so you need to make room for it!

The AFTER photo:

After some serious paper purging I was able to fit it all in the vertical storage containers and moved them to the bottom rack making room for my Circut machine (that was taking up valuable space on my desk).  I found these wood boxes to put my punches, ribbon, and embellishments in.  My trimmer, tape glider, and small tool caddy are now on my desk where they are easily accessible.   

Looks like I'm ready to move onto my craft closet, and craft bag next!

... and be on the look out for all this paper, ribbon, and embellishments to be in the consignment sale! 

Happy spring cleaning!     


What to do with all the product you just purged?  Dollar Bills

Earn cash for your scrap-stash$$$  Join us as a consignor for the Sat: April 27th Consignment Sale and Crop in Vacaville.  It's fun and easy.  

  How to become a consignor:   

1. RegisterRegister and receive a consignor number
2. Package:  Consignor packages and labels the product being sold.
3. Drop-off:  Product is dropped-off the morning on the day of the sale
4. Pick-up:  Unsold product is available for pick up after the sale
5. PaymentConsignor receives check for sold product in mail after the sale

For more information and FAQ about the consignment sale click here.   There is still time to be a consignor... spots still available. 

Your Vote! - (enamel dots)

Looking for new embellishments to liven up your pages?  Be on the look out for enamel dots!!  They are super easy to use, super cute, and look like flat drops of wet paint... and can be used in place of brads or buttons.  One popular brand is My Minds Eye, but other brands make them too.  Hop over to our FB page to take submit your vote for enamel dots!

My Minds Eye - Enamel Dots.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Challenge of 5 Pattern Papers

At our crops we offer creative stimulation in the form of challenges. This year we are celebrating our 5th year of business and have been having fun finding unique ways of incorporating 5 into our layouts.

This challenge is to use 5 different pattern papers on one layout! This one was fun for me because I LOVE PAPER!! I really truly do! I love the colors, patterns, the themes! I love cutting it, punching it, inking it and stamping it! I use it as backgrounds, matte photos with it, cut titles and images with it! There is no end to my love...and possible addiction to it! ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little Spring Baseball

Every spring you can find our family out at the ballfield. With 3 boys all in Little League most days we are out in full uniform or practicing for the big games! It is a busy and exhausting time of the year but the memories we make supporting and cheering on our guys make it worth it! Plus they are so cute in their uniforms it's almost a crime not to scrapbook them!

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Back!!...

the Consignment Sale and Crop! 

This is the event you don't want to miss!
Saturday, April 27 

Consignment Sale Bin #20  
Bins will be overflowing with great bargain prices on scrapbook 
and paper crafting products, tools, organizational items, and more!  

Also accepting sewing, beading, and knitting supplies this year.

Scrap Again Crew 

We are looking for a few volunteers to join the Scrap Again Crew and help us during the Consignment Sale and Crop on April 27. Volunteer for one 4 hours shift and receive great benefits!  Please e-mail us at if you are interested.  You will be assigned to one of three shifts, and we only require that with 100% certainty you will be able to volunteer that day.


  • Reduced crop rate of $20
  • FREE consignor registration valued at $6.00
  • Shop the consignment sale first... PRICELESS!     
Consignment Sale Details
    Consignment Sale Bin Multiple Consignment Sale Large Items


Doors Open:  

1:00p     VIP Shopper

2:00p     Registered Croppers
3:00p     Open to public
7:00p     Doors Close


Hampton Inn & Suites   

800 Mason Street
Vacaville, CA 95688 

Secure your spot and Register Now!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Mission Impossible:1

... should you choose to accept!
Top Secret

Time is running out and your first top secret scrappy assignment will self destruct this Saturday February 23 at 10:00a.  Join us for a mission impossible themed event.  There you will be having a fun creative day with other crafty agents and receive additional assignments...  should you choose to accept them.

The creative intelligences department has determined that the operation will take place at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Vacaville and begin at 10:00a.  Your mission is complete when you report back to head quarters at 10:00p.  

I Accept   
Scrapbooking is back 
... in the Roseville/Rocklin area  

Join us on March 16 for our first crop (noon - midnight) in the Roseville/Rocklin Area.  12 hours of scrapbooking fun!! Cricut center, snack bar, prize drawings, resource center, and more! Share the news!
All crafters welcome  

Vendor February 23
Registered croppers be sure to visit and shop the vendors to receive your red tickets and be entered into the vendor sponsored drawings.  Shopping open to the public 10:00a - 2:00p (Some vendor hours may vary)
Origami OwlTupperwareCookie LeeGiGi Hill
Creative MemoriesThe Art Life
Vendor Call March 16 
Now accepting vendors for our Roseville/Rocklin event on Saturday, March 16 at the introductory rate of $25.00.  We welcome all types of vendors including scrapbooking, and non-scrapbooking, cash-and-carry, and home parties.  Be sure to tell your local reps about this opportunity.  Register to be a vendor click here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you love being scrappy and crafty?

It's time to Scrap Again...
because you should spend the day doing what you love to do. 
Our 5 favorite layouts will be on display for you to scrap-lift, and get a sneak peek of new CHA product lines to be on the look-out for.

    ATG Tape Glider
Saturday, February 23 
Hampton Inn & Suites
800 Mason Street
Vacaville, CA 95688
10:00a - 10:00p 

Register Today
Roseville/Rocklin area 

March 16 and October 19 
12:00p - Midnight

SpringHill Suites - Marriott
10593 Fairway Dr 
Roseville, CA 95678

Turn your crafty day into an overnight stay.  To reserve a room with SpringHill Suites call (916) 782-2989.  Be sure to mention you are with Scrap Again to receive the $89.99 discounted rate for your room  

Vendor Call 

Now accepting vendors for the 2/23/13 event! 
Space is still available. Register to be a vendor today!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Night Crop

Today we scrapbook and craft till midnight!! If you are feeling scrappy and crafty later tonight and want to join us for the pay per hour option... stop by and choose from open seating. (We recommend calling ahead for availability) Contact us:

Monday, January 7, 2013

$3.50 Pay Per Hour Special... For January Kick Off Crop

Kick Off Crop Special
Pay Per Hour
... because you still want to Scrap Again!

Dollar Bills

How does it work: Register online for the "Pay Per Hour" option.  You will be charge online $3.50 for the first hour (non-refundable), and $3.50 will be credited to your total at check out.  Your arrival and departure time will be noted to determine your total payment, and you'll pay $3.50 per each hour or incremental hour.   

Seating: Number of seats available for Pay Per Hour is limited.  Don't wait to register and take advantage of this Pay Per Hour option today!   

$20 January Vendor Registration Free

Friday January 11th:
  • Hear about our 2013 new years resolutions! (you may add them to your list!)
  • Learn secrets to organizing and managing your photos
  • Vendor and Scrap Again prize drawings
  • Cricut resource center (70+ Cricut cartridges) 
  • Creative resource center  
  • FREE embellishments 
  • Coffee, tea and our special fruit infused water
  • Snack bar   
  • Scrapbook and party until midnight! (3:00p - Midnight)
  • ... pajamas are optional!
Electrical sources available for all your crafty electronics

All crafters welcome  
Consignment Sale & Crop   
April 27 & September 21 

If one of your 2013 resolutions is to purge... become a consignor!  For more information contact us or reference the consignment FAQ on our website.   
Consignment Sale Bin #20


Now accepting sewing, beading, and knitting supplies
... because we just don't have one craft hobby, we have many! 

To get started, Register to receive your assigned consignor number. 

(Existing consignors...
register to consign and use your previous number assigned to you.  For got your number... e-mail us at 

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Kick Off Crop

2013 New Years Color

Join us as we celebrate the new year being scrappy and crafty!  Let's kick off the 2013 schedule and party till Midnight.  You won't want to miss this creative night... pajamas are optional!!

Hampton Inn & Suites 
800 Mason Street 
Vacaville, CA 95688 
3:00p - Midnight 
Register Today 

Save the Date: 2013 Event Schedule  
Click HERE for details

Scrap Again is excited to account they are coming to the Roseville/Rocklin area in March and October.  Click HERE for details.

Please note the August event will take place on Saturday 08/24/13. 
We are offering extended hours for this crop ... be sure to check it out!!

Consignment Sale & Crop   
April 27 & September 21

It's never too early to start planning for the consignment sale and crop.  Save the dates and start cleaning out your closets, bags, and totes to make room for new supplies. 

New for this years sales... we are now accepting sewing, beading, and knitting supplies for the consignment sale... because we just don't have one craft hobby, we have many! 

Be sure to tell all your creative friends about this event, and if you have any questions be sure to ask us.

Registration is now open... don't get cropped out!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's time to Scrap Again... because it's the 2013 Kick Off Crop!

Ring in the new year being scrappy and crafty at the 2013 Kick Off Crop.  Be sure to join us with your creative crew for all night fun... because we are still crafty at midnight!

    2013 New Years Color

Friday, January 11 
Hampton Inn & Suite
800 Mason Street, Vacaville, CA
3:00p - Midnight

Register Today

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and have created many great memories that make it into your scrapbook.  2013 is proving to be an exciting year already with some new changes to our crop schedule including times and location.... (see below for details).  We can't wait to see all our scrappy friends and make new ones this year.  We wish you all a great 2013!!

Amy & Randi
2013 Crop Schedule
Save The Dates

Vacaville Location:
Hampton Inn & Suites
800 Mason Street Vacaville

Fri:  01/11 
Sat: 09/21 (Consignment Sale & Crop)
Event Hours:
Friday 3:00p - Midnight
Saturday 10:00a - 10:00p

Rocklin/Roseville Location:
We are excited to announce that Scrap Again is coming to the Roseville/Rocklin area in March and October.  We are currently looking for a location, dates, and times.  Be sure to check the website at for all the details.
Vendor Call 

Now accepting vendors for the 2013 Kick Off Crop! 
Space is still available. 

Register to be a vendor today!