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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is officially here!

Happy spring!!.. and for many of us this means spring cleaning!  While winter was fun for hibernating and hoarder... it's time for some healthy purging to put your creativity in bloom.  Remember to include your scrap room, craft closets and bags on your spring cleaning check list

The BEFORE photo:
 Here is a rack of scrapbook supplies I have that needs a little attention! (My craft closet and bag also need more of the same attention.)

You will be amazed at how much craft stuff we accumulate over time, and hold on to because the product is still in good condition, we still like it, have good intentions on using it, or just feel a bit overwhelmed to take on this task.

We encourage you to do some spring cleaning of your scrap-stash!  Trust us.. you will feel inspired to be crafty by completing this task, you will be organized and find what your looking for easier... and your back will thank you for making those scrap bags we lug around to the crops lighter!  

Here are a few tips to get started:

 1.  Would you buy it now?:  Ask yourself, if I walked into a craft store right now and saw this on the shelf 'would I buy it?'  If the answer is no, purge it! (and don't look back)

2.  Set a time frame:  If you you have been holding on to product for longer than 1 year (you decide the time frame) then consider purging it.  

3.  Leftovers:  If you are holding onto something thinking you will use the scraps or whatever is left over for another project, and you have yet to use it in 1 year or withing the time frame you set, purge it! (chances are you not going to use it)

4.  Too much:  If you have too much of any one thing, purge the excess.

5.  Quick decisions:  Try your best to make these decisions quickly.  The longer you take to make a decision, the harder this task may become.  Remember you are likely buying new product, so you need to make room for it!

The AFTER photo:

After some serious paper purging I was able to fit it all in the vertical storage containers and moved them to the bottom rack making room for my Circut machine (that was taking up valuable space on my desk).  I found these wood boxes to put my punches, ribbon, and embellishments in.  My trimmer, tape glider, and small tool caddy are now on my desk where they are easily accessible.   

Looks like I'm ready to move onto my craft closet, and craft bag next!

... and be on the look out for all this paper, ribbon, and embellishments to be in the consignment sale! 

Happy spring cleaning!     


What to do with all the product you just purged?  Dollar Bills

Earn cash for your scrap-stash$$$  Join us as a consignor for the Sat: April 27th Consignment Sale and Crop in Vacaville.  It's fun and easy.  

  How to become a consignor:   

1. RegisterRegister and receive a consignor number
2. Package:  Consignor packages and labels the product being sold.
3. Drop-off:  Product is dropped-off the morning on the day of the sale
4. Pick-up:  Unsold product is available for pick up after the sale
5. PaymentConsignor receives check for sold product in mail after the sale

For more information and FAQ about the consignment sale click here.   There is still time to be a consignor... spots still available. 

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