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Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's time to purge...and WIN!!!

It's time to purge...
A few helpful tips on what to purge!

Are you having trouble purging?  Is your stash growing?  Wondering which supplies to keep and which ones to FINALLY let go of?  Not to worry... here are some helpful tips on what to purge! 
What to purge:
  • Supplies you find at the bottom of your stash and have had for over a year.  (because you know you would rather use the new supplies your bought just the other day!)
  • Duplicate tools because you have either upgraded or another tool can do the same job.  (e.g. if you have a big bite, you can purge hole punches and other eyelet setting tools)
  • Embellishments and stickers you have partially used and were hoping to use the remaining ones one day... and a year has passed and you still have not used them.  
  • Excessive amounts of one thing.  (e.g. If you purchased a bolt of ribbon with 10 yard on the bolt, cut off 1 - 3 yards and purge the rest.  Same goes for those packs of labels where you get 25 or more in a pack.  Keep 1 of each style and purge the rest.)
  • Totes and other organization items you no longer use.  Over time our scrapbook organizational needs change when we discover new products and tools.  So purge those organizational items that are just taking up valuable space.
  • Supplies you bought and just don't seem to use in your layouts.  This could be stamps, inks, pens, or tools.  If you don't use them... purge them and make room for new things you would use.
  • It's time to purge your growing stack of cardstock and pattern paper.  If you have colors or texture of cardstock you keep passing on... it's time to purge them.  If you have pattern paper you are tired of seeing and it doesn't inspire you... purge them too!
We challenge you to do a bit of purging yourself.  Post a comment letting us know what you decided to purge and you will be entered into a random drawing to win a free consignor registration for March 12.  Contest ends February 12th.

Register now to become a consignor at the SCRAPBOOK SALE on March 12.  It's fun and easy.


Sheena said...

I have been in a major purging mood! I have gotten rid of reams of paper that is no longer my style or I have used it enough times, really why do I buy the 180 sheet packs, geez! A ton of misc supplies that I just don't use. It feels good and makes me more creative to have only things I love to use around me.

Lisa said...

So hard to let go of things! I am purging old storage, letter stickers (thank you Cricut!), and eyelets (I never use those things!).

Staci K-Jones said...

Out, out, orange paper!!!! School bus or mustard yellow must go! I only need enough orange for a few Vacaville Bulldog and SF Giants layouts.

Christine said...

Does it count if I purge Jon's fishing stuff so there is more room for scrapping stuff......ha-ha!

Wendy said...

Purging a bunch of punches, rubber stamps, tool kits. (How did I have three?) Way too much stuff to actually itemize.

Scrap Again said...

And the winner(s) are... all 5 fans who made a comment on this post "It's time to purge". You are all winners!!!! Sheena, Lisa, Stacey K-Jones, Christine, and Wendy, please contact us at to claim your free consignor registration fee for March 12th.

Sheena said...

yay! more reason to clean out more! Thanks so much.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Scrap Again! I've already started weeding out my stash ;D

Christine said...

Yeah! I won! (not something I get to say very often...LOL!) Totally count me in for the sale!