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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Add a pop of color...

Do you have busy paper that you LOVE but are challenged to use??? Do you struggle with paper that isn't the same "theme" as your photos??? Try adding a pop of color. Maybe try one that isn't expected.

Here Amy created a fun and eye popping hunting layout by adding red to an already busy blue-yellow and grey color palete.  She kept her photos black and white and used a simple layout. The yellow mat behind her photos draw your attention to the pictures. The red title and bullseye really give this layout the WOW factor!

Try to keep these tips in mind next time you are kitting those photos! Other fun colors we like to add a punch of are Orange, Turquoise and Black!  


Lisa said...

I like it, thanks for the idea on how to use all of those busy papers!

Mandie said...

this is really cute, amy!