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Friday, January 28, 2011

What to get your scrapbooking friend..

Do you have a crafty friend with a birthday coming up? Maybe just want to give your friend a little something?? Well save those empty toilet paper rolls!

What's better than getting your scrapbooking friend a Scrap Again crop for their birthday? How about a basket of ribbon lovelies! For Christmas Amy's mom got her this fun little basket of creative joy!  She spent a few hours in the Joann isles and used SEVERAL 40% off coupons to assemble this.

Amy's mom included colorful ribbon choices. Another take would be to do a monochromatic ribbon assortment. White and neutrals are hip right now...and they can be inked or sprayed to get that just-right color! Don't forget lace or crochet edging. The cut-by-the-yard aisle can be loads of fun! Strips of fabric are always another option! Ooh now I want it to be my birthday! (ya think I can get my husband to create a basket like this for me for Valentine's Day??) When it comes to scrappy gifts think beyond the paper and remember there are no rules. Creating the gift can be as much fun as giving it!

Do you have any great crafty gift ideas? Have you received a creative gift? Share your ideas with us!

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