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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Scrappy Place

Last April for my birthday my wonderful hubby let me "take over" our office and transform it into my scrap room! It started out as a trip to IKEA for some counter tops to put on top of my craft cubbies. Well that turned into a trip to Home Depot...then Kelly Moore Paints, Home Goods and back to IKEA! I chose Pale Pollen for the wall color. It is a soft yellow and make me feel cheerful and creative. I have mostly black, white and red furniture and accessories. For fun I added a pop of turquoise. It is a little eclectic, a little shabby chic and ALL organized!  Now it is just about done. I say that because the "hunt" for a perfect piece is part of the challenge...I am so fickle and I am constantly  inspired by other crafty things and want to add to my space all the time.
Here is my scrap desk...

Some scrap storage pieces. The black shelves are from IKEA...a scrap room MUST-HAVE!! When I saw the red cabinet at Home Goods it was love at first sight! A funky red piece of furniture is fun and absolutely perfect for my space.

 Look how nicely it stores current scrap magazines!
So Happy!

I couldn't decide what to put on my walls until I was inspired by some hand-made art pieces I found blog hopping!

And for my super re-organized closet....

Yes, I'll admit it I may be a bit on the OCD side of being organized. I love my labeler and not afraid to admit it!

Thank you! I hoped you enjoyed my little scrap space!


Mandie said...

randi, love your space! love your desk & your little hanging bins and the red cabinet! is it weird that i find looking at the photo of your closet with the stacked & labeled boxes soothing???

Scrap Again said...

The hanging buckets are from the dollar bins at Target. They were pink and I spray painted them white. The hanging bars I found in the kitchen dept of IKEA! I love having my ribbon and small embellies at my fingertips!

Christine said... the hanging buckets! I'm in the middle of re-doing my space and am on a labeling frenzy (love the P-touch!), I think I am addicted. Don't be surprised if you come over some day and see all the animals with little white labels on their foreheads!

Taraleigh said...

That red cabinet wants a twin to live at my house. It is beautiful!

Betsey Terry said...

Randi, can you come down and organize my space?