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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Something Old, Something New...To Make a Crafty Thank You!

Purging the STASH is in full swing here!!! Amy and I made a deal that if we haven't used something in 6 months and it doesn't make project to-do list for the next 6 months then to the Consignment Sale it goes. Well I uncovered an old Sizzix. You know the super heavy pre-cricut manual die cutting machine?
Yep that's the one!!!

Well I dusted of all the dirt and un-use! I remembered over the holidays I purchased some embossing folders on a I decided to try them out!
I really love the look of embossed cards. And I hate to admit that it is one of those crafty areas I have avoided. Well this year is a year of "no excuses" so I am going to dabble my craftiness in deep dark region of embossing! (sigh...wish me luck!)

Another thing I positively dread is buying Thank You cards and Birthday cards. I am far too creative and they are way to pricey for me to waste money on buying more pre-made cards. Plus I have a stash of leftover cards too! (I know hard to think, right?)
It's true though....
GASP!!! Yes folks those are leftover wedding Thank You's from 9 years ago!...So I might have a slight closet-case problem with purging paper items...but I'm working on that this year! Please hold me to it!!!
Ok, so I have my Something Old...Sizzix and tired Thank You cards and my Something New...Cuttlebug and Quick Kutz Embossing Folders. With about 30 minutes of free(ish) time (as the kids are now home from school...) here is what I came up with!
Grand Total 5 thank you cards and a birthday card! They are all really simple but super fun to make! And as you can see I used all the same papers...less scraps to hoard!

As an added BONUS!!!! I am happy to announce that these will all be available on our resource table. I challenge you to make a few quick cards with your scraps at our crops.

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