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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Randi's Scrap Resolutions Check-up!

After our first crop of 2011 I realized I had failed at one of my personal resolutions...which was to make time to scrapbook at our crop! Most crops Amy and I spend so much of our time making sure everyone is in a creative environment that we don't take the time to get crafty ourselves!
So this realization made me bummed at once! Then I started to think about all my other resolutions as evaluate how I was doing. It occurred to me that I am not doing too bad!
Some of my personal scrap-solutions
  1. Use the cricut more
  2. Scrap moments or memories rather than whole events...well I guess in addition to the events
  3. Title and Journal on my layouts
  4. Use one photo and/or use different sized often I get in the 4x6 photo routine
  5. To re-organize my scrap closet!

As I finished up this layout I realized that I had tackled some of my scrap resolutions! I used the Cricut and some of my Thicker collection to make the title. There is only 1 photo...yes it is a 4x6 but it worked! I also JOURNALED!!! A huge accomplishment for me. Ok, so I hid it under the picture but it is there!

One last update...
Here is a BEFORE of my scrap closet...not too bad but check back tomorrow with the after re-organization! As well as a few pics of where my creative magic happens!



Mandie said...

um, randi.... seriously we are on the same wave length. i posted yesterday about the reorganizing i've been doing.... can't wait to see your reorganized closet & scrappy space!! :D

Scrap Again said...

Great minds think alike! are going to laugh when you see my shelves!