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Monday, January 23, 2012

Smash Book - Update (Amy)

There is definitely a trend among the scrapbook community to do interesting projects like project life, scrapbook 365, gratitude books, mini books, December dailies... and the such.  I've chosen to just do Smash Book this year, and I have to say I'm really excited about it. 

It took me a while to decide if I was even going to do one... because I already felt like I'm so far behind in my traditional scrapbook... who needed another project to make me further behind, RIGHT?  And then, after a little nudge from Randi and her explanation about the concept of the book, and watching the video...  it all made sense to me!  I had figured out how I was going to use it!!

There are so many things my kids say that I wish I had written down, but never had a place to.  There are smaller events like going to the movies that don't make it into the scrapbook, that need not be forgotten.  There are facts of life, (like the laundry, that I wish would go away but never does), that make our home our home, or our family our family.  That is what this Smash Book is going to be for me!

I have snippets of time to scrapbook during the week, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, but usually never enough to finish an entire layout.  So the concept of  Smash Book fits perfect into my daily life.  It also occurred to me that since I will be able to simply smash some of the smaller events happening around me in the book, I wouldn't feel the need to have to scrapbook so many of them too.  So maybe, just maybe, I can get caught up one day... I girl can dream right!?

So... here's to the start of my Smash Book project, getting life captured more simply, and getting to share it with you!

My Smash Book: Amy Perkins


Problem Solved! I've decided to make my own journaling cards to write on and use in my Smash Book.  So any journaling worries I had (i.e. misspelling, crooked writing, not fitting it all in) are now gone!

Stay tuned until next time!

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1 comment:

Kim Van Den Baard said...

Thanks Amy. After seeing your smash book Saturday I now have purchased 2 of my own. One for my "junk" and one for all the pretty pretty pink and glittery stuff I never get to scrap with because I have boys.
thanks for the inspiration to actually do this