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Friday, January 27, 2012

I dreamed of this layout!

Yes, I am that kinda scrapbooker! The other morning I woke up and jumped out of bed with the vision of this layout in my head! This was about 6 a.m. on a school morning so I had to be quite and hurry so I wouldn't wake the boys...they need to sleep till 7 at least or we are in for a GRUMPY morning!
Anyways I tip toed to the scrap room and put this together. I love it! Actually this picture inspired me to stalk and gobble up the entire CHAP line by American Crafts!

This adorable little boy is a little brother of a preschool classmate of my youngest!?! I see his beautiful mom and her 3 pretty little girls and 1 super sweet boy all the time. I honestly fell in love with him. As you can see he really is a happy kid! This particular picture was taken at the Halloween Parade at school, it made my day to see his smile running towards me! I got a this great picture of him and an amazing hug!
I had fun with this layout! The title was a mis-match of letter stickers and it really made the layout playful! As you may notice I am loving the look of ink'd edges. " Oh, I'm happy inker" can't you just hear the sing song voice repeating this in my head??

 I gave the mom this layout this morning and she loved it! I was so nervous to give her this layout I mean we are just casual-say-Hi-in-the-hall acquaintances. I was nervous she would think it weird I have had this picture of her son for over a year now. Lucky me she didn't think any of that. She even came to tell me later how special that photo was to her and that the vest her son was wearing was actually his Dad's when he was a little guy! She said her husband would be so excited they will have a photo to capture that memory! I had chills when she told me that! You just never know when a photo is going to have a special memory to go with it! This is the reason I scrapbook...well that and so I will have proof I gave my kids a good childhood! (J/K)
I want to say a BIG HUGE thank you to her for letting me post this layout and share her story of this photo on here for all of you to see! Enjoy!

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