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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Consignor Tip: #5

O.K. consignor's... it time to get packing!

All items (with the exception of large items) must be packaged in clear bags.  You can use any size clear bags, including sandwich size bags for smaller items.  At Walmart or Target you can buy 2.5 gal sized hefty Zip Loc bags that will fit 12x12 paper in it, and they work great for packs of cardstock, pattern paper, or larger items like albums.  We have even ordered clear bags (flap sealed crystal clear bags) from a company cleverly named 'Clear Bags'!  Here is their link to make an online purchases Clear Bags Although their shipping is quite fast, because they are out of El Dorado Hills, CA... be sure you will receive the bags in time to package your items for the sale.   

If you plan on selling a single item, and your item is in it's original packaging, for example; a pack of Thickers or stickers, you do not need to put them inside another bag.  Use the original packaging as long as it is not torn. 

When putting your items in the bag, it is a good idea to have contents visible from both side, so the buyer has a good feel for what it is they are purchasing.  This also means that small items should be placed in front and not hidden between two sheets of 12x12 paper.  

It's important that labels are taped to the inside of the package to keep them in one place.  Why you ask?... this is because we are looking for the label when checking customers out, and if you have discounted your item, and the label moves, it's likely that we will not see the discounted price marked on top of the original price.  For larger items, please be sure to securely tape your label to your item. 

Lastly, all packages need to be sealed shut to prevent damage and theft.  Yes... even if you are using flap sealed bags or bags with a Zip Loc seal, you will still need to seal the packaging!  Clear packing tape works great.  For larger items that may be in boxes, please be sure to seal them shut to prevent pieces from falling out or pieces getting separated.

Check out pictures on our web page to show how to package your product.
Now 'go get packing'.. or would you say... 'go get packaging!' 


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