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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Consignor Tip: #1

We are so excited for the upcoming scrapbook sale (Sept. 17)!  And, with the sale taking place in just over a week, we thought it would be helpful if we write a series of Tips to help you get ready for the sale.  So here is the first tip...
Tip #1: Designate a box, bin, or drawer, and as you start to go through your scrap-stash keep all the items you are going to sell in one spot.  (And here is the hard part)...  Once it has made it's way to this designated box... it should remain in the box and not come back out to join your scrap-stash again!!
If you have a creative crew member who is interested in selling their scrap-stash, we are still accepting consignor registrations!! You can register online at

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