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Monday, September 12, 2011

Consignor: Day of the sale information

We are so excited for the Consignment sale on Saturday, and we are busy planning all the details... hopefully you are busy getting ready too!  Here is some information about what you can expect the day of the sale.

On the morning of the sale, proceed to the ballrooms to check in for the consignment sale.  You will find your designated bin with your consignor number on it, and a copy of the terms & conditions in your bin.  Even if you have already signed a copy of the T&C, we are asking that you sign it again.  Drop-off is between 10:00a - 11:00p. 

All contents must fit in your bin (70 qt plastic bin), with the exception of large items.  If you have more items than will fit in your bin, there are 'free refills'.   So, as items sell from your bin, you are welcome to come back to the sale area and keep re-filling your bin.  For larger items like 12x12 albums, totes, and organizational items, there will be several tables designated to display larger items.  If we find that small items have made their way to these tables, magically they will find their way back to your bin!

If you are staying for the crop, you will also need to proceed to the front of the atrium and check in for the crop; where you will receive your seating assignment.  Cropper will be seated in both the atrium and the ballrooms.

As a consignor you have earned VIP shopping status.  Whoot Whoot!  We will make an announcement at 1:00p that VIP shopping hours have begun, and you can come shop and find all those great bargains!... including the new Bazzill Bin, labeled BB, that will contain packs of 5 sheets of Bazzill paper for only $2.50.  Please note that we allow only one consignor to enter during VIP shopping hours per consignor number... So, if you have shared a bin, you will have to pull straws, maybe do paper scissors rocks, to decide who will gets to shop the VIP hour!  We accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment.

With about 1.5 hours left in the sale, we will make an announcement for the consignors to come back and adjust prices.  At the end of the sale, we will have the 'fire bin' sale.  This is when we will ask the consignors to determine a final price for all the contents in their bin, as is.  Discounting prices and participating in the fire bin sale are optional.  Volunteers will be available to help discount prices and determine a fire bin sale price for consignors who will not be staying to crop.

The sale ends at 7:00p, where we will then sort all remaining items back to each consignor bin.  Pick-up is between 9:00p - 10:00p, and any product that is not picked up will be donated. 

Following the sale, we will be reconciling the sales receipts and determining your payment over the next two weeks.  We will notify you via e-mail when the checks have been issued and when you can expect a delivery date of your check in the mail. 

 Your participation is greatly appreciated.  So a big THANK YOU from us to you!

(If you haven't yet register we are getting closer to full capacity each and every day as more registrations come in daily.  Please be sure to register to secure your spot soon!) Register Now

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