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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sneak Peek... of The New SA Signature Bag!

It's finally here!.... The new SA Signature Bag!  It's your stylish, must have, show-off-my-goodies-I-bought-at-the-SA-consignment-sale scrap bag!

Get yours for $5.00 and take advantage of this special offer to become a 'SA Signature Shopper' and start shopping the sale when the doors open at 12:30p.  We know you want to get to those
bargain items first!! 

Become a 'Signature Shopper' 

    ...your sneak peak!  
Scrap Again With Tag Lin - Black Background

Purchase your bag at the door on March 24 or
pre-order yours now click here
Quantities are limited.    

Every little bit helps, and we want to do our part too!

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