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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hybrid Pages... to create an album!

Like Randi said...we both put off using the WRMK Hybrid pages... and we were definitely missing out on a good thing!  I have in the past made traditional 12x12 albums as gifts and stopped making them for a few reasons; costs, time, and it required the new Mommy to crop and glue the photos into the album... and who has time for that when your changing soooo many diapers! (right!).  Well... Hybrid albums are the answer!!!  Because the layouts are pre-designed, it took no time at all to make 14 single page layouts (only 3 hours).  And, because I used double sided patter paper, I was also completing the back side... saving time and money.  I'm sure the new Mommy will also appreciate that all she needs to do is just insert the 4x6 photos ... and the album is complete.

Here is an example of a WRMK Hybrid Page. There are several different pages layouts to choose from too!

There is brand called 'Simple Stores' that has a few themed patter paper lines, that are designed to go with the WRMK Hybrid page inserts.  The paper is designed to be cut to the size and shapes for each pocket in the Hybrid page (Example, 4x4, 4x6, 2x12, or 6x12).  There is even coordinating stickers that make embellishing quick and easy too!  The line I used for this baby book was Baby Steps.   Below is a 12x12 sheet of images, that when cut will create 6 - 4x6 tags... and don't forget they are double sided!

To make this album, I started by cutting all the Simple Stories pages according to their images and inserted them into a few pockets in the Hybrid pages.  Then I used the coordinating 12x12 patter paper and cut it to fit into a few of the pockets, and lastly matched cardstock to put into the remaining spaces.

For the cover page, I made a traditional 12x12 page... and I actually Scrapbooked the back side too!... (saving me from having to use another sheet of cardstock).

Cover Page - traditional 12x12 album using left over scraps and coordinating embellishment stickers.

The back side of the cover page and the first Hybrid page.


The hot air balloon is the back side image of the owl on the previous page!  I just 'heart' double sided paper!

I thought it was going to take much longer than it did... but I was right at about 3 hours of work.  With extra time and paper left over, I even made a few brag books for the Grandmas too!

I wish I could have this on display out our next crop November 19 (our last crop for 2011), but I must send it to my cousin for his First birthday coming up soon.  I will definitely be making more albums for friends and family using the Hybrid system!


Cindy deRosier said...

14 LOs in 3 hours... yeah, that's amazing! I LOVE the brag books!

Jessica said...

I just love those hybrid pages. I haven't had a chance to use them YET! But, I sooo want to try them out. They look super cool.