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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amy Perkins - September Kit Reveal

HI!  Amy here with my September Kit reveals!

Mandie last month said something in her blog post that got me thinking... "do I over-think, over-complicate, my layouts".. is that why it takes me so long to complete just one layouts (2 hrs+ or more sometime!).  Answer:  I think I do!  So I put Mandie's words to the test and really tried hard to keep things simple this month... and WOW it worked... I was quite surprised with the results.  I hope you enjoy too!

Let's Build Something Together - Sept Main Kit

It's not often that my Parent get to visit since they live on the East coast and us on the West.  So, spending time together is cherished.  I've been scrapbooking single layouts more often these days, but couldn't crop out (or down) these photos, so it was fun to create this double layout.

I created the sun by gluing snippets of ribbon onto a circle base and then used a second circle on top - kinda like a ribbon sandwich.  The clouds are hand drawn and cut out... but several Cricut cartridges also have clouds too.

Wood veneer shapes are a hot trend right now... they are so fun (tweet tweet)!

Five Star Fun - September Add On Kit

What kid doesn't love a day at the water park? ... this was a five star fun day.  Keeping with the idea of making the layout simple, this layout really is two photos cropped to fit 4x6 area and a second 4x6 photo on top of 3 strips of paper.

The layered triangles were inspired from scraps (from the pieces cut out from the two bottom strips of paper).. I used the mini Tim Holtz stapler to adhere the twine.. It's probably my most favorite new tool bought in the last year!  

Untitled - September Add On Kit

So one of my biggest challenges when scrapbooking is not just jounaling (yes... you will often find that some (all) of my layouts have little to no jounaling... I'll explain in another post! ;-))... but choosing the right title.  Randi is often my go-to gal, but this time I though I would ask you for some help.  I've considered "sing out loud" or "I hope you dance"... any other ideas?  Let me know by posting a comment right here on our blog or hop on over to our Facebook page.  

More reveals to come from the rest of the SADT!

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