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Friday, May 18, 2012

Should I Bring This Or That?

We're getting ready for tomorrows crop.... matching photos to paper and cardstock... and still the question remains - should I bring all my Thickers? 

You can count on Randi and Me calling each other up the night before the crop... (not just to discuss last minute crop details), but to hear what projects the other is planning to work on. There is always high hopes of completing more then we know is likely, and our conversation inevitable turns into us asking each other... should I bring this or that? And, there is ALWAYS a discussion about should we bring our tote of Tickers?  Usually one of us decides not to bring them all, but come the morning of the crop when we are unloading our scrap-stash... we see them.  The whole tote of Thickers that we had decided not to bring, is now all here!  I guess we just can't crop without them!

Do you have scrappy items that you can't crop without?

(Space is still available for tomorrows crop:

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